[quagga-dev 7760] Re: isis redistribute cmd

Fritz Reichmann fritz at reichmann.nl
Wed Feb 3 11:02:34 GMT 2010

I thought of implementing one, but had no time.

isisd was so far crashing on basic actions, and had no md5 auth. I chose these to be more important, and easy to achieve.I hope they will be in the next release (despite the whitespaces ;-).

Redistribution especially to and from BGP would be very beneficial. I volunteer to review patches, and test.

More stuff to do on isisd in my mind:
- The one-second-granularity of the scheduler is insufficient for isisd when sending hellos every 3s, and calculating a 25% jitter. We need a finer granularity on the scheduler.
- I believe, but can not fully confirm, that the route calculation for pseudo-nodes is not correct. Needs more testing, but there seem to be redundant routes implemented into the kernel routing table.
- Test point to point links.
- Test IPv6 on isisd.

General to improve manageability:
- Radius based authentication/authorisation. I think all router instances need this. I loosely started, but nothing to test yet.

I very much welcome more activity on isisd! My time is a bit limited at present, but I am ready to devote thought on coding, testing and reviewing on isisd. The testbed I have can be built to several quagga instances and several Cisco devices. 



Am Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010 02:05:38 schrieb freeman:
> Hi,
>   Why there is no redistribute cmd for isis? Are there some difficults,or just no one have time to do it?
>   I just want to do the coding,any help?

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