[quagga-dev 7772] Re: new dev model?

Goff, Thomas Thomas.Goff at boeing.com
Thu Feb 4 18:32:43 GMT 2010

> I'm happy to contribute the uml containers (and will try to 
> help with QA)
> Any ideas of creating harnesses or scenarios for functions of  quagga
> and then maybe vetting them (esp as new functionality is added?)
> (Would you like me to try and write some?)
> I have labs written for a particular configurations of  UML containers
> that could be extended to functionally test, provided the tests could
> be scripted.
> Are there protocol test suites in the existing source trees now?
> --Adrian

The native support for network stack virtualization in FreeBSD 8.0
(vimage) and recent Linux kernels (network namespaces) can also be
useful for protocol testing.  CORE [1] and IMUNES [2] are examples of
network emulation tools that could also be used to create and test
reference scenarios.

Some kind of common topology description format and scripting
framework that enables more automated regression testing would be


[1] http://cs.itd.nrl.navy.mil/work/core/
[2] http://old.tel.fer.hr/imunes/

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