[quagga-dev 7590] Q: zebra and RTA_IFP

sowmini.varadhan at sun.com sowmini.varadhan at sun.com
Mon Jan 11 16:28:50 GMT 2010

I have a question about zebra's interaction with kernel via routing

quagga's zebra does not use RTA_IFP with routing socket messages to
add kernel routes. As I understand, on BSD, the kernel will find the
interface route for the nexthop and fill in that interface in its
FIB, so that the observed behavior (e.g., via 'netstat -rn', or

Conversely, on Solaris, the kernel will *not* fill in the interface,
so that you'll have an "unbound" route when RTA_IFP is not used.
Does zebra care or rely on this latter behavior? (I can't see any
reliance when I read the code, but I want to confirm from the list).


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