[quagga-dev 7616] Re: Q: zebra and RTA_IFP

sowmini.varadhan at sun.com sowmini.varadhan at sun.com
Mon Jan 11 21:11:57 GMT 2010

On (01/11/10 15:42), James Carlson wrote:
> > I just tried this out on both FreeBSD and Solaris (snv_130). On Solaris, the
> > route comes back to life ("like an extra in a zombie movie" as someone
> > once described it :-)) whether or not I use the "-static" with /sbin/route.
> I think I called it an extra in a Romero flick, but ok.  ;-}
> Bummer.  I had thought that non-statics would just be flushed out.
> That's the only thing that makes sense, and I at least thought the
> system used to work that way.
> Can you try some older revs to see if this is new behavior?

Tried this with snv_121- there too, the routes spring back to life. 

> But when they don't, the result is almost always completely harmless --
> the routing daemon is also watching the interface table, so it knows
> exactly what interfaces are there for the routes it's inserting.  It
> doesn't just insert things on spec.  The only time there's trouble is
> when the OS does something bizarro, like clinging to stale routes in
> order to surprise the user.



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