[quagga-dev 7688] "Patchwork" patch-tracker instance set up

David Lamparter equinox at diac24.net
Tue Jan 26 19:10:55 GMT 2010

Hi Paul,
Hi everyone,

there's a patchwork instance tracking quagga-dev set up at
I installed it mostly because I want to see if I can work with it,
however, everyone is welcome to use it.

I fed it with my inbox starting with 2009-07-01. I had a few days of
mail loss (on my private part, not on that server) somewhen inbetween,
so there might be a patch or two missing, but overall it should be
complete. I'll go through it and tick the patches that were merged in
the next few days. (I hope I can partly automate that...)

Let's see...


P.S.: Stephen, thanks for the idea / <20091202230449.16c55f5c at nehalam>

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