[quagga-dev 7698] Re: [PATCH] zebra: consider all nexthops when looking fora gateway match

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at transmode.se
Wed Jan 27 22:34:43 GMT 2010

"Goff, Thomas" <Thomas.Goff at boeing.com> wrote on 2010/01/27 20:07:44:
> > I think you are the 2:nd or 3:d person reporting this
> > problem. I solved
> > it long ago with hopefully a more complete patch. Would you mind
> > testing it? Several people that has had problems in this area has
> > done so and my patch solved their problem too. Here it is:
> Joakim,
> Thanks for the feedback.  I tested your patch but it doesn't seem to fix the
> problem.  I think these are somewhat independent issues and the patches could
> be combined.  The problem I'm seeing happens when there are multiple possible
> nexthops to a prefix but the existing delete code (and your patch) only look
> at the first nexthop:

I see, perhaps you can build on top of my patch what you need?
Otherwise it will conflict with my patch and it is already
sourly needed.

> > +     if ((nexthop = rib->nexthop) &&
> > +         (IPV4_ADDR_SAME (&nexthop->gate.ipv4, gate) ||
> > +          IPV4_ADDR_SAME (&nexthop->rgate.ipv4, gate)))
> ...
> > +     if ((nexthop = rib->nexthop) &&
> > +         (IPV6_ADDR_SAME (&nexthop->gate.ipv6, gate) ||
> > +          IPV6_ADDR_SAME (&nexthop->rgate.ipv6, gate)))
> I understand there are some plans to refactor the rib code, but perhaps these
> types of small bug fixes can be incorporated in the meantime.

Yes, but it is way off from being ready. I tried to convince
Paul that we could not wait for his new rib code, but ...


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