[quagga-dev 8032] Re: [PATCH] bgpd: allow overwrite of existing aggregate-address parameter

G. Paul Ziemba pz-quagga-dev at ziemba.us
Mon Jun 14 16:33:10 BST 2010

robert at vyatta.com (Robert Bays) writes:

>Second, is there a reason bgp_unlock_node(rn) is being called twice in a
>row in the various bgp_static/aggregate/distance_unset() functions?

bgp_node_get() and bgp_node_lookup() increment the lock count. The
dual calls to bgp_unlock_node() decrement it, once to undo the effect
of bgp_node_get/bgp_node_lookup and a second time to account for the
removal of rn->info.
G. Paul Ziemba
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