[quagga-dev 8338] feature branch for review

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Nov 3 12:09:14 GMT 2010

I am trying to work through the backlog of pending changes and for each
either apply them or explain on the list why not.

My current preference for public git repos is to keep separate groups of
commits on separate feature branches, so that one can just merge and not
cherrypick once one commit is deemed not ready.  I'm happy to listen if
someone wants to explain that I'm confused for wanting this.  (This is
NOT a request to reorganize anything that's out there; git cherry-pick
works fine.)

I have pushed a single large commit:

  commit ffac472c0aee73c678f584902930c414ca4f321b
  Author: Michael Lambert <lambert at psc.edu>
  Date:   Fri Jul 23 14:43:04 2010 -0400

      bgpd: New show commands for improved view and address family support

to the official repo at the branch: feature.bgp-vty-view-af.

Obviously Michael thinks this works fine, but I'd like to hear from
others before merging it to master, even if it's just "I built with it
and ran under bgp and bgpd is still behaving for me"..  It looks fine to
me, but it's a largish change.

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