[quagga-dev 8361] RPKI in Quagga

Arturo Servin aservin at lacnic.net
Thu Nov 18 18:05:52 GMT 2010


	My name is Arturo Servin and I am working in LACNIC (one of the 5 Regional Internet Registries).

	In the RIR we are working in developing the software for RPKI (Resource PKI) that will certify Internet Resources (IPs and ASs). Our software will create and sign certificates that will be used by routers to verify the origin of the route. I do not want to extend too much on the topic but you can check the IETF work on:


	Now, there are not many implementations in router vendors to use RPKI (We are only aware of some Cisco software). We think that it would be very interesting to see RPKI routing protocol (rtr  https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-sidr-rpki-rtr/) working in Quagga. We do not have many resources (in LACNIC) to work on a quagga module of RPKI full time(besides we do not know the architecture of the software), but we would really like to work with some of you sharing our expertise in RPKI and to contribute some code too (at least a bit).

	Are you interested in developing RPKI in Quagga?

	Any comments?

-Arturo Servin

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