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Quagga Snmp quaggasnmp at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 16:56:43 GMT 2010

So, What do you think is the best (and easier) way to get a snmp agent in
quagga? without installing new things.
Why Quagga can not implement a mini snmpd agent ?

My target is to put a new daemon in Quagga, the snmpd daemon.(like rip
daemon, ospf daemon....)
Quagga is constructed with daemon modules, so, I think that it´s easy to
insert the source code of "snmpd" in Quagga suite, in other module. In this
way, you can install Quagga in a PC, and immediately you have a snmpd daemon

2010/11/18 David Lamparter <equinox at diac24.net>

> Hi,
> On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 07:41:13PM +0100, Quagga Snmp wrote:
> > I'm a new user in this list.
> you're a new user without a name... please tell your name.
> > I`m working with quagga in a project of my University ( in Madrid ). The
> > project is about implementing the SNMP protocol in Quagga without SMUX.
> > Does anyone know about it?
> >
> > The target of my project is that you can install the quagga suite (e.g.
> in a
> > PC), and immediately you can do "snmpget" from another PC and receive the
> > answer. Also, the first PC can send a "snmptrap" to the other PC.
> > Is anyone working on this?
> I've done some work on implementing AgentX support for quagga, but for
> some reason i never got snmpd to dispatch requests to me; since my time
> is limited i gave up trying to debug it. I didn't get very far.
> Generally, implementing AgentX support is probably the most sensible way
> to do this. You do NOT want to implement an SNMP agent directly into
> quagga.
> I can push my git branch of this if you're interested.
> -David
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