[quagga-dev 8375] Re: [PATCH 7/7] ospf6d: Remove obsolete code

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Tue Nov 30 14:20:28 GMT 2010

> >Balaji has been taking patches mailed to the list and storing them in
> >his git repository (see HACKING and HACKING.pending), which I
> >appreciate.  Patches sent to the list often don't have commit messages,
> >though, and those are very important.  If the only issue is not being
> >able to publish a git repository, then emailed patches with git
> >format-patch are fine, because those end up with commit messages after
> >git am.
> Thanks. I have the quagga-mbgp branch in the git hub and the code is also available in quagga.net. I have created an other repo called quagga-devel in git hub which contains a clone of quagga-next . Is it possible for you to take in those changes as such ? Paul had done a round of review of that. and i am making changes in the CLI too to make it Cisco like as there are lot of repetitions in the CLI. I would also work on other features and fixes and push them into quagga-devel soon. 
> Let me know how do you wanna proceed on this.

I don't mean to ask you to redo things you have already done.  I am happy to look at things already there and just cherrypick.

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