[quagga-dev 8238] Re: adding command in quagga

G. Paul Ziemba pz-quagga-dev at ziemba.us
Tue Sep 7 22:09:58 BST 2010

waqasdaar at gmail.com (Waqas Daar) writes:

>When user enters the command in a vty mode in a bgpd daemon, which buffer
>stored the command before writing into a config_file ?

The config file text (from, e.g., "show running-config") is not a
copy of the entered text. Rather, it is generated on-the-fly from
the current state of the various modules (see bgp_config_write()).

If you are looking to save your new configuration items, write code
that gets called from bgp_config_write(). On the other hand, if you
are looking to see if your new configuration command was called
previously, set a variable or flag in the new command code that you
can check later.

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