[quagga-dev 8629] Re: Why are ma patches not integrated in 0.99.18 release?

paul at jakma.org paul at jakma.org
Mon Apr 4 10:40:19 BST 2011

On Thu, 31 Mar 2011, Ingo Flaschberger wrote:

> Hi,

> I really like quagga, use it since severall years, but I really don't 
> understand why submited patches never find their way into git / release?

As it says on the 'devel' page:

"If you submit a patch and do not receive a response, please try 
again. Mails can be missed, people can be busy. Ie it's best to 
consider email a lossy medium - implement your own delivery and flow 
control on top of it."

We do now have a "patchwork" to track patches on the list though. 
Also, a lack of commit messages adds "drag" to integrating patches.

> Can a qualified person with git access please have a look at: 
> [quagga-dev 8263] segfault in ospf6d when create an interface at 
> freebsd 8.1

> http://lists.quagga.net/pipermail/quagga-dev/2010-September/008289.html

Why make the if_get_* conditional?

> [quagga-dev 8264] log-adjacency-changes detail for ospf6d
> http://lists.quagga.net/pipermail/quagga-dev/2010-September/008290.html

If you resubmit with a commit message, I'll apply this one.

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