[quagga-dev 8691] GMPLS OSPF-TE Extensions in Quagga.

Viktor Nordell Viktor.Nordell at acreo.se
Mon Apr 11 16:47:56 BST 2011


We are interested in migrating (and writing) some OSPF-TE GMPLS extensions to OSPF in Quagga, some of the code already exists from a European research project [1] that extended OSPF to support those standards. Is this something that the Quagga project would be interested in and could accept (given good enough code and testing etc.)? 

The same project also created a RSVP deamon, could this also be interesting or would it not be suitable as it's a signaling protocol? 


Viktor Nordell

[1] http://www.ist-phosphorus.eu/software.php?id=g2mpls

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