[quagga-dev 8770] ospf opaque lsa injection

Ramin Dousti dousti at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 14:51:26 BST 2011


I'm trying to distribute application specif data through an ospf
backbone and for that i'm using the ospf_apiclient.


1- "--enable-opaque-lsa" on the latest 0.99.18 doesn't compile. Any
tricks to get me going? Or any possibility to fix this in a later
2- For now I'm using an older version that supports opaque-lsa's. What
I'm seeing there is that when the client connects to a node and
injects, let say, 10 lsa's with type 11, and then the client
disconnects, only one of the lsa's (the very first one) immediately
flushes out and the other 9 remain in the table till they age (3600s).
Is that the correct behavior?

Thanks in advance,


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