[quagga-dev 8508] Re: Node lock in bgp_table.c prevents proper node deletion

Chris Caputo ccaputo at alt.net
Tue Feb 8 20:03:27 GMT 2011

Hi Barry,

One test that I remember is to do a "no router bgp <asn>" followed by 
"router bgp <asn>" and a BGP config, and then repeating that.  Ie., tear 
down and setup, without restarting bgpd, should work.  Also, the "debug 
bgp" inspired exit report should show no leaks.


On Tue, 8 Feb 2011, Barry Friedman wrote:
> Hi Nick and Chris,
> Thanks for your feedback, I'll send a follow-up email with a more
> detailed analysis. It seems like we could use a unit test for this
> module so maybe this is a good excuse to write and add one. I did do a
> fair bit of manual testing with BGP adding/updating and withdrawing
> routes from the table and checking the built-in memory accounting for
> errors and did not see any problems but I did not test with valgrind.
> It would be good to know how to create the error that motivated the
> addition of the lock. If I write a unit test I can exercise the code
> pretty well and then run it with valgrind and a debugging mem
> allocator like tcmalloc. That would be better than just manual testing
> with BGP updates.
> A couple of other points:
> - The bgp table locks a node when it returns a pointer to the node to
> the caller. It is up to the caller to initiate unlocking of the node.
> In this case we have a node that is not returned to the caller so the
> addition of the node lock prevents proper operation of the table
> because it cannot be unlocked. This causes the problem I described and
> I verified that the lock removal restores proper operation.
> - If this lock is really needed, then it should also be needed in
> lib/table.c:route_node_get() which is widely used by other daemons. We
> should also test and check this module using valgrind etc.
> Thanks,
> Barry
> On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 6:30 AM, Nick Hilliard <nick at inex.ie> wrote:
> > On 08/02/2011 03:25, Chris Caputo wrote:
> >>
> >> Maybe some other things have been fixed since July '09 to alleviate the
> >> need for this bgp_lock_node() in bgp_node_get(), but I am pretty confident
> >> it was needed back then and nervous about its removal.
> >
> > I'd like to second that sentiment.  Removing structure locks without a
> > thorough description of exactly why the lock is unnecessary is likely to be
> > a bad idea.
> >
> > Nick

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