[quagga-dev 8482] Add new #includes

Luis QuaggaSnmp quaggasnmp at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 16:53:15 GMT 2011

I want to add a new function inside of ripd.c
That function needs some .h files, so I have to write some #include in the
top of the file.
But these .h files, also need other .h files. So I have to add all the
necessary .h files.
The problem comes when I compile the project, I tried in Eclipse, with C
plugin, to generate the Makefiles automatically.
I put all the .h files in the (quagga_source)/lib folder, and I add a new
"includes path" in Project propierties->C general->includes path, but it
doesn´t work.

Do I have to delete all Makefiles in the source code and generate other

I think this shouldn´t be so complicated. I´m new to compiling C projects.

Anyone knows how to add new .h files in a project? Maybe with other IDE?
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