[quagga-dev 8728] Re: Serious problem with community value

Michael Lambert lambert at psc.edu
Fri May 27 18:44:58 BST 2011

On 27 May 2011, at 13:11, Huq A. 1 wrote:

> xTR# sh ip bgp community-info 
> Address Refcnt Community
> [0x22112770] (1) 2420:0
> [0x22112780] (1) 2274:0
> What I need is to get only the latest value. i.e. I only want to see 2420:0. What can I do in machine 1 so that only the latest community value is seen? I did not use any “additive” keyword while sending the community attribute.
> Also what’s the large Hexa number to the left of the community value? And what does “(1)” mean?

Hint:  That table has nothing (directly) to do with routing.  It relates to the internal representation of the parsed data.  The headers should answer your questions.


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