[quagga-dev 8950] Re: [PATCH] check for errno after strtoul

Ulrich Weber ulrich.weber at Sophos.com
Thu Nov 17 15:02:15 GMT 2011

Hi Denis,

On 16.11.2011 16:49, Denis Ovsienko wrote:
> Hello.
> I have studied (the second revision of) it and see, that among other things you fix str2tag(), which looks completely broken in its present form. Besides that, route_match_metric_compile() uses its own way to detect a negative integer input, is there any special reason for that?
At the moment you can configure to match for negative metric numbers in 
route maps.
In my opinion this makes no sense, you can only set positive metrics.

Increasing/Decreasing metrics with route maps with a certain value is
not affected by this patch.

>> Third one sets maximum allowed number of ripng_timers to 65535,
>> as the documented maximum value. Or is the documentation wrong?
> Would VTY_GET_INTEGER_RANGE() be a better mean to use in ripng_timers()?
Yes you are right, makes more sense to use VTY_GET_INTEGER_RANGE here.
Attached new version of this patch.


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