[quagga-dev 8952] Re: [PATCH] ospf6d: account for IPv6 headers in MTU checks

Dmitrij Tejblum tejblum at yandex-team.ru
Thu Nov 17 18:05:57 GMT 2011

John W. O'Brien wrote:
> This patch accounts for the essential header only, and not for
> permissible extra headers which can still induce fragmentation. A
> complete resolution would require additional information from the
> kernel which is not generally available.
Yes, your fix looks correct. Actually, the very similar patch has been 
committed to the RE-testing-0.99 branch few months ago, but, 
unfortunately, it was not merged to master until now. I have just merged it.

(The 'release engineering process' we follow is described at 

Thank you.

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