[quagga-dev 8953] Re: [PATCH] check for errno after strtoul

Denis Ovsienko infrastation at yandex.ru
Mon Nov 21 20:24:57 GMT 2011

17.11.2011, 19:02, "Ulrich Weber" <ulrich.weber at sophos.com>:
> Hi Denis,
> On 16.11.2011 16:49, Denis Ovsienko wrote:
>>  Hello.
>>  I have studied (the second revision of) it and see, that among other things you fix str2tag(), which looks completely broken in its present form. Besides that, route_match_metric_compile() uses its own way to detect a negative integer input, is there any special reason for that?
> At the moment you can configure to match for negative metric numbers in
> route maps.
> In my opinion this makes no sense, you can only set positive metrics.
> Increasing/Decreasing metrics with route maps with a certain value is
> not affected by this patch.


I mean, all_digit() is used to detect negative input in one place and "*str == '-'" condition in all others. Is this difference intentional?

>>>  Third one sets maximum allowed number of ripng_timers to 65535,
>>>  as the documented maximum value. Or is the documentation wrong?
>>  Would VTY_GET_INTEGER_RANGE() be a better mean to use in ripng_timers()?
> Yes you are right, makes more sense to use VTY_GET_INTEGER_RANGE here.
> Attached new version of this patch.

In testing, thank you.

    Denis Ovsienko

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