[quagga-dev 8928] Re: [PATCH] Enables zebra to be in sync with kernel routing tables.

Igor Maravić igorm at etf.rs
Tue Oct 25 14:12:53 BST 2011

XORP doesn't read kernel routes.

Yes, on my OS when cable is unplugged for a 1 sec, all ipv4 routes
that are linked to that interface are deleted. IPv6 routes aren't
deleted. When interface is manually put down, all routes, ipv4 and
ipv6, that are linked to that interface are deleted.
I don't see that as a bug. If I want static routes, that are going to
be saved when interface goes down, I will configure them via quagga,
or XORP, not via ip route. I just want to have the same routing table
in zebra and in kernel.

2011/10/25 Greg Troxel <gdt at ir.bbn.com>:
> [top-posting, misquoting and spurious non-ascii whitespace repaired]
> Igor Maravić <igorm at etf.rs> writes:
>>>> When interface goes down, or carrier is lost, and there are some
>>>> static routes that are made with ip route, they are going to be
>>>> deleted from kernel fib. That's what kernel does by default. But they
>>> Are you talking about only Linux, or is this more general?  I have not
>>> seen this on BSD.  This behavior sounds odd to me, particularly deleting
>>> routes on lost carrier.
>> I'm running Ubuntu with Linux kernel
> Have you tried to understand if this is any other than a bug on your
> particular system?
> How do other programs deal with this?
> So if on your particular OS version, you configure a single interface
> and add a default route (or a route to some non-local prefix via another
> host on the local network), and then that interface loses carrier for 10
> seconds, are you saying that this route is deleted from the kernel fib?
> If that's really true, I would suggest reporting a bug to Ubuntu or
> Linux.

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