[quagga-dev 8808] Quagga-RE news, Sep 2011

Denis Ovsienko infrastation at yandex.ru
Fri Sep 2 13:38:40 BST 2011

Hello, list.

Some of you already know about Quagga-RE project, which is a work derived from the master branch of Quagga. Let me remind, that its main focus is to make the risks of development into some manageable shape, not killing the development at the same time. Particular technical details of this are explained here:


I feel it right to update on the current status of this project. It's been around 6 weeks since the branching point, and the two-branch setup seems to prove itself working. The changes (bugfixes, small optimisations, commits picked from master) were accumulated in "RE-testing-0.99" branch, which my colleagues used to deploy Quagga onto Linux and FreeBSD routers in the environment we can use for such testing. This currently stands for more, than 100 full-view routers with live traffic. As soon as the changes were confirmed to be safe, the "RE-stable-0.99" branch head was adjusted appropriately. I realise it was not actually used, at least by me, but the primary intent here was to setup and try the procedures on the real code.

The present state of quagga-RE does not require any of the patches currently applied by FreeBSD "quagga" port to work. In this sense "RE-testing-0.99" meets the criteria initially declared for "RE-" release (see wiki). Also, each of the works started in RE-testing-0.99 was actually finished, thus there were no reverting commits and it was possible to merge from RE-testing-0.99 into RE-stable-0.99 instead of cherry-picking (in case someone wants to understand the fine difference between roadmap displayed on wiki and the real repository history).

This next release, RE-, will be ready for normal deploys in the sense, that if it has a RE-specific bug or a bug in first priority areas (Linux, FreeBSD, BGP, OSPFv2), it is much more likely to be fixed, than in master branch. I feel it OK to exchange commits between the master and RE, but RE is the only area I do tests of, because this is a limited budget effort.

Now I need some of other developers attention. These established procedures seem to deliver the expected results and the timings of this development are now learned. In the next months I am looking to review more fixes for merging from other branches, including master and all Quagga derivatives known so far. But not all at once. I will pick random bits for review, probably starting from easiest points. But if you feel, that some particular commits should go before others, let me know the desired order of review and we will get through this commit by commit.

Thanks for reading. More updates are likely to be posted later this month.

    Denis Ovsienko

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