[quagga-dev 8814] Re: isisd fixes

Fritz Reichmann fritz at reichmann.nl
Thu Sep 8 11:32:28 BST 2011

Hi David, Quagga Dev,

sorry for being silent for a while.

The patches so far did not make it into the branch. I guess the group of 
reviewers was too small. Given the fact that isisd is still the only OS isis 
implementation that I am aware of, I am still motivated to work on isisd, but 
since I did not manage to successfully get them included in the branch I 

So I am very happy to receive some news. How can we get them added to the 

Thank you,


Am Mittwoch, 31. August 2011, 17:27:40 schrieben Sie:
> From: Fritz Reichmann <fritz at reichmann.nl>
> The crash is due to threads accessing data that gets destroyed
> during the removal of the configuration.


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