[quagga-dev 8881] quagga-dev 8879] Re: LSA checksum error on quagga 0.99.17

Jaroslav Fojtík JaFojtik at seznam.cz
Fri Sep 30 17:30:45 BST 2011

Dear Denis,

> I can confirm this bug exists for a long time. It steadily reproduces (not as often as in your
> case) and is tracked internally on my side, I didn't think anyone else observed it ever. The
> root cause identified so far is that in narrow cases LSAs sent by Quagga do indeed contain
> a wrong checksum. Could you open a bugzilla record for this? I would appreciate your
> feedback on the fix, once it is available.
Thank you very much for confirmation. I will open new bugreport.

This bug has several consequences:
  1, prevent overflooding user logs
  2, display more userfull information about who is generating bad LSA packets
 3, and of course fixing a real cause of LSA checksum miscalculation.

Even when you fix your problem, other computers around me would not upgrade quagga, so I could see this error
for many years.

best regards

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