[quagga-dev 9051] Re: Committing New Features to Master Branch?

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.jussieu.fr
Sat Feb 11 07:39:45 GMT 2012

>>   - Babel routing protocol

> It's still too hot, at least today. The commit log says it all. Once
> a preview-grade implementation is ready, it won't be delayed.

I'll expand on that a little.  Since babeld is a new feature, and cannot
possibly break the existing functionality in Quagga, Denis seems willing
to merge it fairly quickly; however, it's still a little premature,
since the last show-stopper bug was fixed a mere two days ago (commit
752053), and we lifted some fairly serious limitations just yesterday
(cd603d and 5af239).

I'm hoping to find time this weekend to make some changes to the
stand-alone (upstream) babeld daemon that will make the Quagga
integration closer to it and make an upstream release and merge it into
Quagga.  We're then planning to work a little on the Quagga command
interface to make sure that we only export the commands that we actually
expect to work (right now a few commands are documented but don't work,
which is confusing), and then let it bake for a couple of days.

Features that I intend to delay until after the merge are support for
route maps (sorry for that) and the (highly experimental) Babel-Z
extension to the protocol -- most of the code is there, but there are no
commands that'd allow you to configure it.  We are also not planning to
test redistribution to/from protocols other than RIP and RIPng, since
that would require us to make some changes to our test network (yes, you
can certainly help with that).

So if all goes well, you should expect the merge to proceed sometime
next week.  No firm deadlines, of course.

-- Juliusz

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