[quagga-dev 9065] Re: Google changes to Quagga now available on code.google.com

David Lamparter equinox at diac24.net
Mon Feb 13 20:51:43 GMT 2012

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 12:22:29PM -0800, Josh Bailey wrote:
> Hi David;
> Sorry about that - my fault. My intent here was to expedite the 
> availability of the code to the community and to the ISC for testing.
> Clearly will need to come up with the right iterative approach to handle 
> large feature changes. Regarding the IS-IS changes specifically for 
> example. Would you be able to advise what areas we should prioritise for 
> repatching/commenting/for review? Idea of course is to come up with a 
> reusable process.

Aside from the obvious (creating small, reviewable, well-described
patches), I'd recommend sorting by "impact divided by semantic size"
factor. That would mean indentation/whitespace changes first (since they
have a semantic size of 0), then crash fixes (very large impact...),
then other bug fixes, etc.

I can't tell you how that boils down for isisd, my knowledge of this
part of Quagga is somewhat limited and I'm chronically short on time to
read code.

I would guess that the current interest in IS-IS is in part due to TRILL
and PBB SPB (802.1aq) both relying on IS-IS. If your employer's interest
is in TRILL, I would heavily recommend taking a look at
(in particular 70-isisd-trill.patch)

It would also make sense to submit patches as you develop them, not in
one giant batch. It is far easier to merge a patch or two per day over a
month than a pile of 50 in one go. But, alas, quagga maintainership
still works in a very ad-hoc pseudorandom "i need this and that" basis,
so getting /anything/ merged depends on available time and fancy of very
few people.


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