[quagga-dev 9003] Re: ANNOUNCE: babeld for quagga.

Matthieu Boutier boutier at pps.jussieu.fr
Wed Jan 4 22:02:58 GMT 2012

Hello Denis,

> I have studied the contents of RFC and the github commit and find them eligible for a merge.
Thanks a lot for considering my work.

> My primary concern is confirming, that this merge leaves other routing protocols in a state as safe, as these were before the merge.
I am convinced that it doesn't break other routing protocols: there are very few modifications outside of babeld/. However, I have only tested with RIPng and a little with RIP.

On this subject, it can be interesting to note that during development, I was sending (by error) v4-mapped addresses to zebra daemon, instead of simple v4 addresses, and I was surprised because it caused the zebra daemon to crash.

> What would be your availabilty during nearest days, in case meaningful regressions are discovered?
I will have Internet access every day, but I have more time on week-ends, and will glad to work again on this project.


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