[quagga-dev 9018] Re: uRPF?

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Thu Jan 12 20:26:34 GMT 2012

It's not double standards. It means that someone had a time and a wish to implement wrappers of shell commands in Quagga.

Imagine open source is a restaurant. You go there, eat great dishes, and then say: "Hm.. I was in other restaurants and I could choose colour of my plate there! But your plates are white! Have you plates? So, you should give a choise among colors!" It's a good compliment for cuisiniers... Can you spend a time to colour plates? And here you don't need to know how to cook beef stews. It doesn't draw cuisiniers attention away from cooking.

How does it concern Quagga? As I wrote Quagga is a routing software. And it's a good idea to focus on implementing and improving implementation of routing protocols. Yeah, it's cool to have implementation of cisco ip sla or tcl shell or configuration rollbacking or "anything you want", but it's not matter if you haven't good implementaion of OSPF, BGP, RIP, etc. So, why don't try to implement what you want? It shouldn't take a lot of time. And then you can send patch instead of wonders.


12.01.2012, 23:03, "Sergey V. Lobanov" <sergey at lobanov.in>:
> Quagga is not forwarding plane but zebra daemon supports 'ip forwarding'
> and 'ip address' commands. Double standards? There is no reason not to
> implement 'ip urpf'(e.g.) command in zebra daemon.
> On 01/12/2012 11:39 AM, me at dogonthesun.net wrote:
>>  Quagga is just Routing Software Suite, but not Forwarding Software Suite. You should be reading (instead of "wondering") how this feature is implemented in your operation system. For example, here http://www.wlug.org.nz/ReversePathFiltering
>>  12.01.2012, 10:54, "Hank Nussbacher"<hank at efes.iucc.ac.il>:
>>>  IOS has it.  JUNOS has it.  I was wondering if and when Quagga will have
>>>  uRPF support.
>>>  Thanks,
>>>  Hank
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