[quagga-dev 9274] problem with ospf6d SPF calculation? Losing ASE type 1 default route

Eric S. Johnson esj at cs.fiu.edu
Fri May 4 21:51:53 BST 2012

Got an odd issue with IPv6 ospf6d.

I have a couple quagga routers ( on linux) that share 
a network with a Cisco router that is functioning as Area Border Router.
The Area is

The cisco Area Border Router also connects to area 0. In area 0 is a
ASBR that is injecting a default route (::0/0)

When I bring up router1 all seems fine. Router1 receives and uses 
a few routes from area 0, and announces a downstream network as well.

But as soon as I bring up router 2, after the DB exchange a LSA is sent
from router2 to router1, and this causes router1 to do a SPF calculation.
When router1 does this SPF calculation it loses the default route. 
Well, it discards the default route.

router2 comes up fine, and it does use the ASE default route. 
Until something changes and a SPF calc is done on router2, then 
it will discard the default route.

Any ideas what is happening here? It doesn't make sense to me
other than some bug in the SPF calculation. But maybe I am 
missing something??

Details available via web in directory 

	is the picture

	are the relevant parts of the config files of the two quagga routers


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