[quagga-dev 9351] Re: problem with ospf6d SPF calculation? Losing ASE type 1 default route

narender dnarenderreddy at gmail.com
Wed May 16 15:46:53 BST 2012

Eric S. Johnson <esj <at> cs.fiu.edu> writes:

> Got an odd issue with IPv6 ospf6d.
> I have a couple quagga routers ( on linux) that share 
> a network with a Cisco router that is functioning as Area Border Router.
> The Area is
> The cisco Area Border Router also connects to area 0. In area 0 is a
> ASBR that is injecting a default route (::0/0)

I too have noticed this issue. 
Looks like there is some problem in the ospf6_intra_brouter_calculation() logic.
It removes the border-router's and adds them back and in this process deletes 
the border router. 
After which it deletes the as-external route as there is no route to the ASBR 

May be this logic has to be re-written similar to OSPFv2 where copy the 
existsing brouters from brouter_table in ospf6 structure to a temperory table 
and do all the checks without any route addition deletion hooks. 

Once done, check for any route changes (new additions or deletions or 
modifications). Add/remove/modify only those routes in the ospf6->brouter_table.

I have seen a similar issue when the DUT is an ABR and I try to redistribute a 
static or a connected route. An INTER ROUTER LSA goes out which is immediately 
followed by another INTER ROUTER LSA but with AGE = 3600. 

So due to this, the AS External LSA is not accepted on the receiving end. 

Should THE DUT(ABR) be sending the inter-router lsa in the first case. Its the 
ABR in the area that should be generating the INTER ROUTER LSA to the ASBR.

Is it not ?

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