[quagga-dev 9358] Re: OSPFv3-MIB

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Mon May 21 17:07:13 BST 2012

OoO  En ce  début d'après-midi  ensoleillé du  lundi 21  mai  2012, vers
15:27, David Lamparter <equinox at opensourcerouting.org> disait :

>> Implementation of OSPFv3-MIB in Quagga is incomplete and outdated: it
>> uses  an experimental  MIB instead  of the  one from  RFC 5643  and only
>> ospfv3AreaLsdbTable is implemented.
>> Is someone working on a more current implementation?

> Probably not, the whole SNMP code is outdated; it still uses SMUX
> instead of AgentX and nothing much has really been updated or maintained
> on that end.

I will  update the OSPFv3 part then.  Then, I may propose  to use AgentX
instead of SMUX. This should be easy  enough if I am allowed to put some
code around select()  in thread.c. Most of the  code outside smux.c will
be left untouched.
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