[quagga-dev 9956] Re: [PATCH RFC] build: include git info

Scott Feldman sfeldma at cumulusnetworks.com
Mon Nov 5 02:24:30 GMT 2012

On Nov 4, 2012, at 12:52 PM, David Lamparter wrote:

> If enabled with --with-pkg-gitversion on ./configure, this will append
> git version strings and branch information at the following places:
> - overall version number: 0.99.21-g0123456
> - login motd and show version: tag information + git id + branches
> Sample output:
>  Hello, this is Quagga (version 0.99.21-g14b49ad-dirty).
>  Copyright 1996-2005 Kunihiro Ishiguro, et al.

Nice add.  This will help for issue tracking on dev builds.


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