[quagga-dev 9958] Re: [PATCH] config.ac: Sometimes older BSD link state available, but not newer ifi_link_state

David Lamparter equinox at opensourcerouting.org
Mon Nov 5 16:27:05 GMT 2012

Hi Doug,

I've applied these 3 patches:
- build: check actually-used BSD link state fields
- zebra: kernel_socket: fix overflow in RTA_ADDR & RTA_ATTR
- zebra: kernel_socket: fix 64bit MacOS X alignment
Note that I redid the subject line to be more concise.

Your forth patch has unaddressed comments from Hasso Tepper.  Please
address those and resubmit the patch.

Also, your mailer broke _all_ of your patches.  They were linewrapped
and whitespace was mangled.  I've fixed it up, but I only do that once
so please fix your mailer.  Generally, please use "git send-email".

Cheers & Thanks,

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