[quagga-dev 10014] Re: 0.99.22 freeze approaching

Sébastien Cramatte scramatte at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 15:38:20 GMT 2012


Before freeze this version, I will be very happy if you can solved
following 2 issues :

1. bgp default-originate route-map  doesn't works as expected !
(see:  http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/quagga/users/17875 ).
We use Vyatta supported edition, and this bug affect it too (

2. Seems zebra doesn't resolve static recursive  route properly.  I believe
that a patch is available but not sure that is already merged in trunk.

In some config you must bean able to add static default route  with
next-hop learned by BGP.  If BGP peer get down this default route become
should become automatically infeasible.

With juniper you must add "resolve" keyword to be able to achieve this

routing-options {
           static {
              route {
                next-hop x.x.x.x;



2012/11/17 David Lamparter <equinox at opensourcerouting.org>

> Hi again,
> I'd like to freeze the tree for 0.99.22 in a week or two. If you want to
> have something included there now would be the time to post it to the
> mailing list, so there's enough time for people to scream in agony in
> case there's some problem.
> Cheers,
> David
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