[quagga-dev 10020] Re: MPLS, LDP, etc.

Igor Maravić igorm at etf.rs
Thu Nov 22 15:44:20 GMT 2012


>> The Linux kernel part is more problematic.  Igor Maravić is currently
>> maintaining it, but it's nowhere near kernel-mergeable quality.  As
>> far as I remember, it had been submitted to netdev several times and
>> gotten smacked down rather hard.  It seems that for now, Free/OpenBSD

I've never submitted MPLS for merging. A year ago, I just asked what
has to be done so MPLS would be merged. Yes, there were some arguments
and disagreements.
Here's the thread (http://lists.openwall.net/netdev/2011/11/20/25)

Since then I almost completely rewrote MPLS and it's now drastically
better then the original version.
If you ask me, it's light years ahead of original version.

> Igor has also pushed recently updated version fixing at least some of
> the problems - but still missing some features and having some major
> todo items left.

Since few days ago, it has one TODO item less. I've implemented hash tables.
Now it only needs ICMP messages sending from inside the tunnel so the
MTU discovery would work.
After that it's fully operational.

> In short, it is testing ready - but still needs development before being
> production or merge ready.

I agree.

>> NB: I don't know if the Free/OpenBSD MPLS kernel API is actually
>> compatible to the Linux one.
> Likely not. I believe the linux one is netlink based kernel api, and
> the bsd one is likely ioctl based.

I rewrote the MPLS netlink API and I haven't look at the
Free/Net/OpenBSD APIs. So I agree on this too.

To sum up. MPLS that I maintain is drastically improved version of the
original MPLS.
I wouldn't say that it's "nowhere near kernel-mergeble state". I'm
working on improving it further.

To help me speed up my work, any code reviews, comments, suggestions,
patches are welcome.


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