[quagga-dev 10023] Re: How to develop a new module?

'Chris Hall' chris.hall.list at highwayman.com
Fri Nov 23 14:45:45 GMT 2012

Pablo Cardona wrote (on Fri 23-Nov-2012 at 12:54 +0000):
> It worked, thank you very much!

Excellent :-)

FWIW: the trick is to realise that (perhaps unlike other IDEs) Eclipse
is not entirely in control -- it is sharing responsibility with
autoconf (et al), make and git.

For most things, Eclipse depends on make.  So (as you have seen) once
the project is configured (and the make files created) it can build,
and to the extent supported by the make files, cope with changes to
Makefile.am etc.  But to get things going, and for some changes, you
need to kick the autoconf stuff and/or force a reconfigure.

You can do git things outside Eclipse.  After which you may need to
prompt eclipse to "Refresh" its view of the source tree.

I hope I'm not putting people off Eclipse here... once you get used to
its little ways, it's OK.  And I really cannot imagine working without
the ability to instantly find the definition/declaration of something,
or instantly find all references to something, or have a list of all
warnings and errors, or find all uses of a given .h file, etc. etc.  I
guess I could go back to editor/make working... but I've got a
hair-shirt and don't need another :-)


2012/11/21 Chris Hall <chris.hall.list at highwayman.com>
Pablo Cardona wrote (on Wed 21-Nov-2012 at 17:27 +0000):
> Chris, I just had some spare time to try your detailed solution
> There was an error after the build.
>   "make:*** No rule to make target 'all"
> I guess it's related with the config options, I'm playing around
> with the advanced settings but haven't been able to get rid it.

Hmmm.  You could try:

  * right-click on the project in the Project Explorer
    select "Invoke Autotools>Invoke Autoreconf"

    enter "-i" as option (without the quotes)

    click [OK]

  * right-click on the project in the Project Explorer
    select "Reconfigure Project"

which I think should be enough to get things going.



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