[quagga-dev 10394] Maintenance status

David Lamparter equinox at diac24.net
Fri Apr 5 16:43:00 BST 2013

Hi everyone,

as you may have noticed, there was little commit activity during March.
This is because my time to work on Quagga was reduced due to "vis
major", i.e. things beyond my control.

I will go through the backlog as soon as possible.  If you want to help,
please review code!  The process to review code is:

1. pick someone else's patch, optimally from someone not in your company
2. read the patch code and description
3. maybe compile and actually run and test it
4. send a mail with your findings to the mailing list

Your mail should be a reply to the original patch, and contain this
- if you found problems, describe the problems;  if you know the code
  location, put it as reply inside the patch code
- if you found no problems, your mail should contain one of 3 possible
   "Acked-by: Your Name <your at email.addr>"
    - use this if you superficially looked at it and think that the
      general idea is correct
   "Reviewed-by: Your Name <your at email.addr>"
    - use this if you read the code, did some reasonably deep checks and
      believe it is correct
   "Signed-off-by: Your Name <your at email.addr>"
    - use this if you read and tested or ran the code and found no
      problems with some effort

Thanks a lot to all previous reviewers &
Thanks in advance to future reviewers,

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