[quagga-dev 10401] Re: stable/0.99.22 branch

David Lamparter equinox at diac24.net
Tue Apr 9 21:54:51 BST 2013

On Tue, Apr 09, 2013 at 05:24:14PM +0200, David Lamparter wrote:
> I've pushed some stuff to a "stable/0.99.22" branch.  The list is:
>   bgpd: fix lost passwords of grouped neighbors
>   vtysh: fix false lib path matching in extract.pl.in
>   build: update quagga.spec.in
>   doc: fix makeinfo errors and one warning
>   build: fix minimal mixup in gitinfo suffix
>   tests: make --disable-bgpd kill bgpd tests too
>   ospfd: fix LSA initialization for build without opaque LSA
>   build: reference libcap from libzebra (BZ#393,626)
> I'm planning on reviewing and adding the following 3:
>   [quagga-dev,10348] ospfd: restore nexthop IP for p2p interfaces
>   [quagga-dev,10287] ripd: correctly redistribute ifindex routes (BZ#664)
>   [quagga-dev,10286] lib/vty: register vtysh socket in server socket vector (BZ#754)

Applied all 3.

> And after that releasing

Currently handed over to OSR testing.

> If you have any comments, in particular if you think patches should be
> added/removed, please send a mail ASAP.

We may want to discuss the topic of stable branches in general, but tbfh
I'd prefer that discussion after the release of ;)

The rationale I applied on the patches above is "how likely would a
distrubutor apply them on their own?".  This led me to pick up a
conglomoerate of build system fixes, critical breakage fixes and
distro-reported bugs with nagging users.


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