[quagga-dev 10430] Re: OSPF: External Prefix Summarization

Ján Janovic janovic at orava.sk
Tue Apr 16 21:24:16 BST 2013


thanks for fast reply. I have made my own git repository at BitBucked 
today by cloning quagga's master branch. I hope it will be sufficient. 
You can find it here:


feature branch: ospfd/ext_summarization

There is a quite extensive peace of code edited/added, I've added 
comments on many lines. If you have specific questions or suggestions, 
please write it here. I would like to discuss this solution and make it 

The part of idea for external summarization is taken from ABR 
summarization between areas. I've tried to use as much of existing 
code/functions as I could.

All information about summary prefix is stored in new structure 
ospf_external_summary_prefixes defined in ospfd.h. Logic is written in 
files ospf_vty.c(DEFUNs) and ospf_zebra.c(ospf_zebra_read_ipv4()).

Tested for now on Ubuntu, with a topology made from Cisco routers 
running in Dynamips.

Thanks in advance for review.

Jan Janovic

On 04/15/2013 07:15 PM, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Feel free to post code here.
> Also, if you have a git repository with your code on a feature branch,
> and others can clone it, that would be best.
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