[quagga-dev 10455] Re: OSPF: External Prefix Summarization

Ján Janovic janovic at orava.sk
Sun Apr 21 18:42:07 BST 2013

Yeah, I was referring to null route. But instead of default route there 
will be
configured summarized prefix. This isn't the most important aspect
of summarization, but it helps it to be absolutely correct for any 
situation I would

Anyway thanks for help, I'll try what I can do with it. I'll update this 
when I get some news.

Please, if others can review this code too, I would be very grateful.

Jan Janovic

On 21. 4. 2013 18:45 Joachim Nilsson wrote:
> On 04/21/2013 03:30 PM, Ján Janovic wrote:
>> There is a one more idea in my head. Maybe you(or somebody else) 
>> could help me with
>> that. As you know for sure, when you start summarization on Cisco 
>> devices,
>> "discard" summary route is added to route table to prevent routing 
>> loops.
>> Is there a possibility to add such a route in linux? And from Quagga 
>> code?
> Or is it a null route you're referring to?
> zebra.conf:
>     ip route tun0
>     ip route eth0 10
>     ip route null0 255
> If tun0 is up it runs as default gateway, otherwise, eth0 and as a 
> last resort
> the null0 route will act as a blackhole.
> Regards
>  /Joachim
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