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Nathan Wilder nwilder0 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 23 11:50:56 BST 2013

I'm happy with anything OOP, but since quagga is in C it's probably just easier to keep the tool in C also.  Maybe I can reuse some of the code from ospfd.  I've only used c in class (several classes), but I've done some commercial stuff in java and c# so the syntax should come back to me quickly.

- Nathan

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>On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 07:06:35AM -0700, Nathan Wilder wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I'm interested in working on Quagga as part of Google Summer of Code. 
>> I'm a CS student who's returning to school after 10+ years working in
>> IT, first as a web developer (ASP, PHP, Java) and System Admin
>> (Windows servers) and with the last three years as a network engineer
>> working on cisco networks at a level between CCNP and CCIE.  The
>> networks I've worked on involved mostly EIGRP and BGP but quite a bit
>> of OSPF as well, not to mention VRFs, MPLS, and more.  No IS-IS though
>> and sadly almost everything was limited to IPv4.
>> In looking over the TODO, it seems like the OSPF replay tool would be
>> a good fit.  I'd also be interested in working towards VRFs, but that
>> sounds more involved than the summer will allow, even the initial
>> stages.
>> Unfortunately, all my development experience is on the windows side of
>> things; but I setup an Ubuntu vm for dev work and ran a make on the
>> latest quagga build without any apparent issues.  I also setup a few
>> vyatta VMs and put ospf on them to use as the start of a test
>> network.  Is there anything else I should do or anyone I should
>> discuss details with before sending the GSoC application into google
>> next week?  I should be on IRC as nathan0 as well if you'd prefer to
>> discuss things in that way.
>Hi Nathan,
>administrative experience is really quite a bit different from
>development experience, so the biggest question here is how your
>programming skills will hold up.  Since the test tools need not
>neccessarily be written in C, what would be your favourite programming
>language to do that?
>(Also Cc'ing Martin, who'd probably be on mentoring test tools.)
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