[quagga-dev 10952] Re: high-bandwidth, low-latency quagga necessary ?

Alexis Rosen quagga-users at alexis.users.panix.com
Thu Dec 5 08:31:45 GMT 2013

On Dec 4, 2013, at 12:10 PM, Stephen Hemminger <stephen at networkplumber.org> wrote:
> The bottleneck in Quagga is not the bandwidth of the kernel TCP/IP stack.
> The DPDK has KNI to expose the fast poll mode devices as normal Ethernet
> devices, and this works well to allow for accelerated applications to
> continue to use the normal kernel stack.

This is what I was suggesting to Pepe. Were you involved in the work at Vyatta to integrate DPDK? Can you talk about this? How big a project do you think it would be, and how much benefit could be gained, by using those drivers (and whatever other low-hanging fruit there may be in DPDK) on a router box?

As I recall, the intel e1000 and igb (& ixgbe also, I think) drivers already have a "poll mode", which they switch to if they see too high a packet rate. Are the DPDK drivers substantially better?


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