[quagga-dev 10963] Re: high-bandwidth, low-latency quagga necessary ?

Alexis Rosen quagga-users at alexis.users.panix.com
Fri Dec 13 20:27:59 GMT 2013

On Dec 11, 2013, at 10:17 PM, Jose Gavine Cueto <pepedocs at gmail.com> wrote:
> This could be my last reply before getting kicked out (sorry).

Huh? Kicked out of where?

> My understanding [...]

Thanks for the info.

> Now I've got some possible use cases here, I'm really glad to include quagga in my list and continue hunting some possible open applications that I can possibly experiment with DPDK enhancements.

Based on your understanding and experience with DPDK, do you think it's worthwhile installing it on a Quagga router? Assuming we write little-to-no custom code, would you expect any noticeable performance gains? Ricky, if I'm reading him correctly, thinks there would be.


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