[quagga-dev 10215] BGP regression/test failure fixes

David Lamparter equinox at opensourcerouting.org
Wed Jan 23 05:06:00 GMT 2013

Hi everyone,

found some issues in bgpd in -rc1:
  [1/4] bgpd: don't try to reconcile AS4_PATH with NULL
  [2/4] bgpd: relax ORF capability length handling
  [3/4] tests: update & extend AS_PATH tests
  [4/4] tests: fix missing init in bgp_mp_attr_test.c

Patch 1 & 3 are related, the latter fixes up the related testcase.
The other two are unrelated.  I'd like to push these ASAP, so if you have
comments please put them in your mail client and not under your pillow ;)



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