[quagga-dev 10233] quagga doesn't detect interface deletion?

M. V. bored_to_death85 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 26 14:37:27 GMT 2013

hi guys,

i'm using quagga-0.99.17 on freebsd 8.2 for a while now.
i have some services in my system that create, delete or rename interfaces (say loopback interfaces like lo1, lo2, ...) for their works. each time an interface is being created, that interface is then being shown in my "show running-config" correctly. but problem is, when an interface gets deleted, it still remains in my "show running-config" output. so, my show running-config (and all other commands in every daemons that have lists of interfaces) is always filled with interface names which don't really exist. even if i rename an interface (say with ifconfig), from now on, i will have both names in my "show running-config" output, both old and new interface names!

today I tested quagga-0.99.21 (installed it from port) but the problem was the same there too.

so my question is:
- does really such problem exist in quagga? (or I'm doing something wrong and problem is specific to my system?)
- if so, is there a patch (or any other way) to solve it?
- if this problem exists and there is no patch to solve it, can anyone give me a hint on what files/functions in quagga-source-code are responsible for this, so that i go and try to solve this?

thank you.
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