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Can I have a help to identify the main objectives of this project.
([quagga-dev 10559] Re: [I003] Crypto authentication (RFC3567)

What do you need as the final product? What are your final intention of
this product, just an implementation or a product better than prevailing
 Normally we can use C language for programming in this are. Is it same
As I found IS-IS implementations are proprietary. Do I have the access to
prevailing resources?
What kind of "help" you can give me when i need to check the product? How
to work with the router OS.
Do you need any service out of the implementation, described and explained
in given RFCs. Like integrating it with the kernal of the OS. Do you give
any code that is implemented so far to have an idea?

A brief explanation and/or links will be a great help.
I went through the RFCs and understand what to be done. But when it comes
to developing I have the above mentioned problems and doubts. Could you
please answer these.

Thank you.
Chamara Philips

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> 26.06.2013, 12:28, "Chamara Philips" <chcphilips.uom at gmail.com>:
> > Hi Quagga-dev s,
> >
> > I'm a student of University of Moratuwa specializing in the field of
> computer science and engineering.? I was hoping to join Gsoc 13, but missed
> the chance.
> >
> > ?However I would like to work on your project, [I003] Crypto
> authentication (RFC3567), and contribute to the opensource world. I would
> like to complete this project in 3 months, within this semester, as an
> development project for our "software development project" module. Is it OK
> to discuss about this project on this mailing list?
> >
> [...]
> Hello.
> A discussion would be perfectly OK, at least. I would like to note that
> RFC3567 is obsoleted by RFC5304 (see also RFC5310) and that a recent thread
> on OSPFv3 crypto authentication may have something useful for your work.
> --
>  Denis Ovsienko
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