[quagga-dev 10614] calculating external route when a forwarding_address is present

Charlet, Ricky ricky.charlet at hp.com
Sun Jul 21 02:26:30 BST 2013

        I'm putting a quagga variant through the paces with UNH testing. They have a test case, OSPFv2_Interop_1.05, which I'm failing. The setup and steps to reproduce are actually fairly arduous and I hope to skip them for the life of this discussion, but I can post if it becomes needful.

        The bottom line is that I think ospfd is not quite doing the right thing when considering external-lsas that have a forwarding_address set. Take a look at ospf_ase_forward_address_check()... it does not check to see if a route to fwd_addr exists. I think it should. RFC  2328, 16.4 (3) is the relevant reference.  I hope that a few folks can review the code and either confirm, "oh, yeah... another check is needed there", or "nope Ricky, the check you wanted is actually happening over here in code".

        I have a patch (attached) which does not work... You can see what I intend (add a route lookup), but, being new,  I'm not sure which route_table to look into, nor which is the appropriate route-lookup variant function to call. So I'm hoping for some pointers there.

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