[quagga-dev 10629] Procedure and backlog processing

David Lamparter equinox at diac24.net
Wed Jul 31 14:44:47 BST 2013

Hi everyone,

I currently need to work through the backlog from the past months.  I'd
like to put some emphasis on the procedure, which is that if stuff has
been drifting around on the mailing list without negative comment (or
any comment at all) I'll pick it up.  If you think there is an issue
with something, please post your comment as soon as possible.

I'm slightly extending this as in I'm taking the liberty to alter patches
from the ML and merging them without comment while keeping them in
concept.  (No huge changes, but not limiting to documentation/comment
either.)  I'm skipping the step of feeding my altered versions back to
the ML here.  Please understand that I need to do this to work down the
backlog at a reasonable speed.

The next release of Quagga (0.99.23) is still a bit away, so there will
be ample time to find mistakes I may have made.

I'll post a list of what I've merged and what I've modified in a summary
when I'm done going through the backlog.



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