[quagga-dev 10552] RTRlib-based RPKI extension for Quagga

Matthias Waehlisch waehlisch at ieee.org
Sat Jun 15 14:58:54 BST 2013

Hi Quagga folks,

  we currently work on an RPKI extension for Quagga. It implements 
prefix origin validation. This project is in addition to BGPSRx.

  Our implementation uses the RTRlib, which is RFC 6810 and RFC 6811 
compliant. For prefix origin validation, only a connection to an 
operating RTR cache server is required.

  The current state is beta. Feel free to have a look.

Git Repository

Installation instructions

User manual

  Any comments would be highly appreciated. In particular we would like 
to know if there is enough interest to integrate this feature into the 
master branch once the extension is stable.


Matthias Waehlisch
.  Freie Universitaet Berlin, Inst. fuer Informatik, AG CST
.  Takustr. 9, D-14195 Berlin, Germany
.. mailto:waehlisch at ieee.org .. http://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/~waehl
:. Also: http://inet.cpt.haw-hamburg.de .. http://www.link-lab.net

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